Nagata India is a dynamic & technology driven company that brings together the tools, equipment and top talent in the industry. Our growing shop has 110 employees and covers a land area of 8100sq/m located in most planned and infra structurally rich industrial township in Gurgaon. Our goal is to maintain maximum flexibility, efficiency, innovation and uncompromising attention to quality.

uality: Quality consciousness has been peculated in DNA of each employee of Nagata.

Cost: We believe & follow in ‘economical price with Japanese quality & commitment level’.

Delivery: Our diligent Project Managers/Engineers ensure on time delivery.

Situated just outside Delhi, Nagata draws from an outstanding pool of talented professionals and is strategically poised for easy access and delivery via major highways and the Delhi International Airport. Experienced with an array of high-end materials Nagata serves a major number of companies in Automotive Industry.

Nagata India is Best-in-Class for Quality, Safety, Working Environment and Efficiency, for all world class stamping and assembly facilities.

  1. To provide our customers with the highest quality stampings and assemblies, through data driven teamwork and effective communication.
  2. To pursue continuous improvement and innovation through employee involvement and education.
  3. To become a world leader in stamping and assembly technology.
  4. To make our contribution as members of profitable departments in the organization.